Sure you can!  Your device must be less than 2 pounds and fit in our seat back pocket. Below is a list of some additional requirements, you know the legal stuff everyone must follow. As long as your device meets everything listed here, you’ll be good to go!

  • Small authorized PEDs are devices under two (2) pounds and are of a size that can easily be placed in a seat pocket along with the other materials that are normally found in the seat pocket (Passenger Safety Information Card, Menu and/or airsickness bag). They include devices like tablets, readers and mobile phones and may be used during all phases of flight including taxi, take-off and landing; however, if using them during taxi, take-off and landing, you must secure these devices by holding them, putting them in your pocket or holster, or placing them in the seatback pocket.
  • Large authorized PEDs are devices two (2) pounds or more, such as full-size laptops. They must be turned off and stowed during taxi, takeoff and landing, you can stow them by having them under the seat in front of you or in an overhead compartment. These devices may be used above 10,000 feet when a Flight Attendant makes an announcement letting you know it’s safe to use them.
  • On all flights operating outside U.S. airspace, portable electronic devices cannot be used during taxi, takeoff and landing, but may be used above 10,000 feet when authorized by a Flight Attendant announcement.
  • Headsets or earphones (buds) are required for any audible portable device and any cords or accessories must not impede emergency egress.
  • Devices must have their cellular network service disabled, commonly known as ‘Airplane Mode’, from the time the aircraft door is closed for departure from the gate until the aircraft is taxiing to the gate upon arrival.
  • Cell phone use is still limited and calls cannot be made during times when cellular network is to be disabled.
  • Items which may not be operated at any time inside the aircraft include: TV receivers, remote controlled toys, e-cigarettes, radio transmitters and personal air purifiers.
  • Due to safety concerns, customers must comply with all crewmember instructions regarding the use of portable electronic devices.