Delayed bags are rare and we’re sorry this happened to you.  Please make a report immediately upon arrival at the airport.

Inform a Spirit representative in the Baggage Claim area or Baggage Service Office. If you can’t locate the office, please track down a Spirit agent at the airport to better assist you.

Guests traveling domestically must file an incident report and receive a File ID  within 4 hours of arrival.

Guests traveling internationally must file an incident report and receive a File ID within 21 days of arrival. 

In the interim, please make reasonably priced purchases of items such as toiletries, clothing, etc., and hold on to those original receipts. Once you are reunited with your bag, submit a claim for interim expenses at If your bag is not recovered within 5 days, please complete a baggage claim for your interim and loss expenses. Click here for more information.


NOTE: There are items we do not cover such as electronics, cologne/perfume, and cosmetics. For a full list, please visit our Contract of Carriage here